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Covid-19 and our response

Covid-19 and our response

Covid-19 is a serious health issue at the moment and here at SPARTAFIT we can help you protect yourself and our community from covid-19 by doing simple things. Here are a few tips on how to keep yourself safe and how our response to covid-19 will help you in doing so.

Let us be very clear about one thing, we are at the front lines when it comes to PROTECTING YOUR IMMUNE system, we are in this to fight LONG TERM chronic diseases and inactivity, and we need your support during this time.

Physical exercise is your NUMBER 1 buffer for health and fitness against all illnesses at any age, especially when new threats emerge, people are advised to remain active for the sake of protection.

In regards to coronavirus infections, in some cases people with sound immune systems only shows minimal symptoms, or none.

” Why people respond differently is not well understood, he says.
Graham notes that some otherwise healthy people are just predisposed to getting sick. “It could have to do with the tendency of just the individual to show symptoms to respiratory infections,” she says.
Graham adds, “It could be personal genetic factors, but it could also be that people who are younger also tend to be more active,” which can help keep your immune system healthy.” (Referenced online)

We have been working tirelessly in the background with everyone in response to the Coronavirus, and will be implementing a number of preventative measures to protect our members’ and coaches’ health, which is our highest priority.

Our Level 2 Response to Covid-19 as per below:

Keeping physically active is an important part of keeping our immune systems strong.

We’ll be taking every step to ensure the cleanest environment possible for members to keep enjoying SPARTA/ Little Ninja/ Karate Kids

We ask that high fives  to be done alternatively by toe taps and air fives.

Hand sanitiser and hand wash are available. We request all members to wash hands and/or hand sanitise before and after each class.

Equipment wipe-down after each set, all programs have been tailored to allow time for this

Capped smaller class sizes ⬇️ Bookings essential, but wait… More class times = )

There will be no team or partner workouts due to safety and social distancing.

Increased distance between individuals ↔️

No towel, no train policy

Sterilization of equipment post use has increased

Open Gym Times extended, you have the space to yourself! ( Open gym bookings will not go toward your weekly credit during this period)

At home workouts/ Yoga sessions following our SPARTAFIT App.

Our Level 3 Response as per below:

NZ is currently on level 2, so we are just being proactive and thinking ahead!

At Level 3, we will be implementing everything that we are already doing at level 2 plus

Continue to offer the SPARTAFIT online training app with more training videos and resources.

Provide outdoor training sessions with more than 2 meters of social distancing.

Offer 1 on 1 training sessions for members.

Loaning pieces of equipment to train in isolation following our daily workouts that will be uploaded on Youtube.

Drink more FITAIDS = )

We thank you for your support and patience during this time.
We will not forget it, please continue to back up ALL of your local businesses, cafes, shops, florists, remember, for small businesses, it takes allot longer for us to recover from a setback.

Stay healthy and positive,
Your friends at SPARTAFIT/Little Ninja/ Karate Kids

If you have any queries or concern feel free to reach us HERE


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