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Self Defence For Girls / Women


LN Classes
Shona Girls

Do YOU know how to defend yourself?
Have YOU ever used interesting combat instruments?
Have YOU ever wanted to learn self-defence?

Little Ninja is proud to announce the ALL NEW self-defence classes that will be available in the next few weeks!

Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn real-life skills in a comfortable, community-based environment of all different ages, skill and fitness levels! Come and join a class of strong women working to prepare for potential threats, together.

Here at Little Ninja, we will train you not only to fight but to survive.  By training realistically, through partner work and sparring, you will be exposed to the situations only comparable to ones of the fight for survival. This means that you will be more than well equipped in any circumstance that is thrown at you.

With real-life weapons training, drilling, sparring and partner work, the skills and experience earned during these classes are unbeatable. Challenge yourself physically, mentally and emotionally to become the best version of you. Stay safe, get fit, and increase your confidence in a motivating team environment.