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Little Ninja
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Little Ninja and Karate Kids is a highly supervised activity. The children are never asked to perform any movement that would put them in danger of injury. Our children’s curriculum has been specifically designed to accommodate ages 5 and up. This curriculum has been modified so children of those ages can successfully learn to perform all the moves necessary to excel. We will teach your child how to spot and avoid danger, what to do in an emergency, and if necessary how to protect themselves from danger. This invaluable skill will not only increase their confidence in themselves, but may even save their lives.

Little Ninja and Karate Kids is good, clean fun and a great way to give kids a head start on life. It has been our understanding that parents want the lasting benefits of confidence, respect, self-esteem and self-discipline that we offer, however, we don’t want to struggle with the children when it’s time to get ready for class. Our instructors have become leaders in the field of motivating children. Motivation, excitement and fun are the essential tools we use to increase the learning and performance of our kids. We also offer various school events that teach children how to get along better with others, thus creating a spirit of teamwork and a sense of belonging. Our carefully structured environment will help your child develop physically, mentally and socially. Others will surround your children with similar goals and aspirations, they will develop positive friendships and healthy peer groups.

Over the years, we have seen hundreds of children benefit from our unique programs:

  • Overweight kids who lost a few pounds through self-discipline and exercise and gained massive amounts of self-esteem and confidence.
  • Smart kids, bored with school, who learned to set goals and reach higher.
  • Wild kids who learned how to focus and channel their energy in a more positive direction.
  • Shy kids who were brought out of their shell

All these children and the hundreds of others who have experienced our program have gained a foundation in the basic tools of success that will last them a lifetime. Much as learning to ride a bike or learning to swim, once the skills of success and achievement are introduced to your children, they never go away. The payoff just keeps on going for the rest of their lives. Lives filled with proud moments of achievement backed by good health and happiness. Where do children learn such beautiful tools? At our dojo !!

We understand kids have other interests too: swimming, Rugby, Piano Lessons, you name it. And that’s okay! Little Ninja never tries to compete with these activities. In fact, our training actually enhances a child’s performance in other sports or activities by improving concentration, accuracy, endurance, motor skills and confidence.

We offer numerous classes at different times after school 5 days a week, so you’re sure to find a CLASS that will fit into your busy schedule.+

We generally start children at about 4-5 years old (based on attention span and other factors), although we do start them at a younger age if a parent or older sibling trains with us, as well. This is because younger children are still able to learn and progress if they can get help at home.

To allow both parent and child to progress, however, classes are split into age- and rank-specific groups which allows helps both adults and children to progress at their own pace.

The great thing about families training together is that, very often, the kids are able to help the parents to learn forms or techniques we have found that this is a tremendous confidence builder for your kids!

Depending on the number of weeks in a term the fees may vary. Generally a school term consists of 10 weeks and the current fee is $185 for one lesson per week.
Casual session charge is $20.
Uniforms are available for purchase at Little Ninja and Karate kids, we would require your kids height for sizing.
We highly recommend that you order the uniforms as soon as your children start training as it helps them to understand the formality of it and builds discipline.

Due to the labour-intensive nature of kids classes, we do not endorse free trials.

Please refer to our Birthday Parties tab . It is a 2-hour event planned orchestrated by our friendly martial arts instructors, the first hour your birthday child and friends get a taste of what we teach in a normal Little Ninja/ Karate Kids session plus some exciting games to get everyone involved.

We advise all parents to book in well in advance as we often get very swamped in the weekends, these parties usually occur on the weekends between 10am – 3pm.
P.S. It’s not just for Kids!

Men-Women-Parents, too! At Little Ninja/Karate Kids, no matter what your age, career or interests, you will gain new confidence while improving your overall physical conditioning.

Click here to contact us today with your questions or to set up the first session!