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“Both my daughters go to Little Ninja and they absolutely love it. No complaints when it’s time to go and smiles all round. The team at Little Ninja make it a fun physical learning enviroment whilst also teaching community spirit, teamwork and respect. The girls burn off a lot of energy, gain skills, learn about themselves and others – so many positives, way more than I’d ever expected.”

Roy Little

“Our 5 year old son started about 4 weeks ago, and we have already seen such an improvement in his coordination and core strength. ( the main reason we started him here) The teacher is so patient, and very clear in the way he instructs such a diverse group of children, and takes time to feed back to each child. Little Ninja is the highlight of my son’s week!”

Rachael Mulholland

“Sensei Sugar is the best coach/trainer/teacher of little people I have ever come across. He is kind, firm, encouraging and personal. I have never seen my child learn so quickly and with such pride in what he is doing. I’m so happy we found ‘Little Ninjas’.”

Amber Connolly

“Love Little Ninjas & think every kid should give it a go! It teaches confidence, safety & improves motor skills. My daughter is enjoying the classes & its so much fun to watch.”

Jade Paddock

“Great activity for the kids. My daughter is all smiles and it’s something she looks forward to all week. She’s so into it and loved it when she got her uniform. Thinks she’s a ninja now. Great fun and practical skills for them to learn.”

Jennifer McGregor

“My kids been going here for close to 3 years. It’s been so good for them I don’t know where to start. Not only does it teach them self defence, it gives them the courage to speak up and the discipline to have respect. The fitness environment gives them the want to be strong and healthy. I cannot recommend the team and the venue highly enough.”

Sabina Mead

“5 Stars”

Ian Quigley

“5 Stars”

Pete Harrow