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We have a new Instructor for Little Ninja!

We have a new Instructor for Little Ninja!

Hello Guys! I’m Pam!

I will start assisting Sensei in the Little Ninja and box classes from June, so I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself.

I was born and lived in Thailand until completing my undergraduate in Sports and Exercise Sciences. Then, I moved to Singapore and worked as a full-time Taekwondo instructor. My key responsibilities included conducting regular classes for students in various ages (from tots to elderly) and training athletes for both local and international competitions. After 3 years in Singapore, I came to New Zealand and started my Master’s degree, majoring in exercise physiology. While doing my postgraduate studies, I am still passionate about working in fitness industry, so I have been taking different roles including Taekwondo instructor, kick-boxing trainer, and flexibility coach.

From this wide range of experience, I have built my own coaching styles. My most important goal of teaching is to create a positive atmosphere to children. Because I had so much fun while I was training Taekwondo, and it shaped me to be who I am today, I want to pass this message to the next generations as well. However, while having fun they are going to learn something without knowing! Each of my classes will be conducted with a purpose (e.g., strengthening, improving coordination, self-defence, self-discipline).

I am so excited to apply my academic knowledge and experience, and have good times with lovely people here. I cannot wait to see your little ninjas in the class!

Warmest regards,
Pam – Little Ninja Instructor

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