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5 Reasons You Should Enroll for Little Ninja

5 Reasons You Should Enroll for Little Ninja


1. Little Ninja Discipline

A Little Ninja dojo is a place that commands respect, focus, and honor.

In many martial arts traditions, students of all ages must show honor (often bowing) to their instructor as well as other classmates. Such a simple gesture sets the tone for what’s in store. It serves as a reminder to everyone that martial arts demand focus, respect, and self-restraint – all things that qualify as excellent life skills.

At Little Ninja, an ethos of honor and prompt obedience to instructions permeates the atmosphere and students catch it quickly. Many parents note an increased level of compliance at home once their child begins practicing a martial art.

2. Ninja Determination

Like many individual sports, martial arts students often set measurable personal goals.

Little Ninja use a colored belt system of ranking. Each belt represents a certain level of proficiency and requires grading or qualifying examination to obtain. Seeing other students wearing higher-ranking belts often compels kids to strive for the next level.

Not only does ranking fuel determination, but the physical demands of martial arts also develop kids’ ability to sweat, strain, and push themselves beyond their limits. Whether engaging in group conditioning such as push-ups or games, kids quickly learn to force themselves to work harder than ever before.

3. Little Ninja Development

One of the benefits of Little Ninja is the variety of trainings.

Many parents enroll their child in 2 or 3 martial arts classes.

Engaging in differing styles of martial arts will develop your little warrior in various ways.

4. Defense

Disclaimer – your kid will learn to do things that might freak you out at first.

Unlike youth basketball or swimming lessons, your child will learn to punch, kick, grapple, block, and more.

The benefits of Little Ninja is that it redirects their natural impulses toward aggression and channels them in constructive, helpful, and beneficial ways. All the martial arts disciplines listed above primarily focus on self-defense rather than self-promotion, humility rather than bravado.

5. Covid..

We are so fortunate to be in a country that is Covid free. Some of our friends dojos overseas have been closed for the past 12 months…So, don’t hesitate to grab this opportunity to learn!

So, go ahead and click HERE to pick a start date for term 1 and get organised!
or here
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, look forward to seeing you soon!
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