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Are Weight Loss Programmes Effective?

Are Weight Loss Programmes Effective?

As we about to embark on a brand new 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge, we are wanting to be 100% clear about one thing, that this is not a 12 week get fit fast programme.
Why do most weight loss challenge products fail? The luring promises of getting you slimmed down in just a few weeks through starvation, over exercising, using questionable supplements, you name it, we witnessed it, a term coined by the famed former CrossFit games athlete best describes them as the “ Unsustainable fast track model”.
It’s time to get real.
The only way you will truly accomplish your health and fitness goals is when they become more important than your excuses, and you are ready to put in the hard work and time required.
If health and fitness are going to become a part of your life, then you need to marry dedication and consistency, and finally dump motivation, motivation is temporary.
While motivation is incredible at first dates, he’s unstable for the long-term, and far too brittle for any setbacks or obstacles, that’s why you may be all giddy about your weight loss goals, but as soon as something happens in your life, you get off track and so all the sudden not “motivated”any more..
You need to find your pain, attach it to your goal, and create a higher purpose.
Research shows that we will do far more to avoid pain than we will to gain pleasure. So, the trick is to find a pain greater than the sore muscles and lack of sweets. In order to find your pain, you need to ask yourself why at least a dozen times, if not more, and keep going until you’ve reached your hell.
Here’s an example:
I want to lose weight. Why?
Because I want to look good in a bikini. Why?
Because I hate how my stomach looks. Why?
Because it sticks out and makes me feel self-conscious. Why?
Because I care about what others think of me and how I look. Why?
Because I got picked on at school a lot growing up for being fat, and it made me insecure. Why?
Because I want people to like me and not call me fat. Why?
Because I feel lonely and depressed. WHY?
What’s your WHY? You need to find your truth and circle back to them every time you want to quit.
One of the first things we tell people when they sign up to work with PF is that a diet and training program should compliment your life, not control it. Yes, you will have to make some lifestyle changes if you want to lose fat. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up everything fun and awesome either.
You can go out to eat with family, or grab drinks with friends. You can go on vacation without worrying about if you can train or not. If you’re miserable because you are always concerned about working out or your diet, you probably aren’t going to be able to stick to your program anyway. Allowing yourself some freedom will go a long way.
There is no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to true fat loss. But when it comes to finding the right plan for you, you need to be sure to keep these characteristics in mind.
Everyone is different, but if you are willing to be in it for the long haul, follow our philosophy and model to a T, you will see results, guaranteed.

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