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Why Bootcamps So Good For You??

Why Bootcamps So Good For You??

 Welcome 2018!

Normal Gym or Boot Camp?

The quick arrival of 2018 means many things to all people, for some you may be setting new year resolutions already, is this the yea to (finally) getting fit and keep up with your kids?

Congratulations! You’ve decided to exercise (again). So what do you choose, boot camp or normal gym membership? There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Incidentally each benefit can also be a con, depending on your personality and goals.

The main reason to go to a gym is convenience. There likely is one down the street from your work or home, and it may be open non-stop. You don’t have to worry about being late for a class . You can work out whenever you feel like it.

Or never…

Exercising in a gym chiefly revolves around a set of repetitive routines. Unless you have ironclad discipline, you will get bored and quit.


With boot camp locations sprouting up more and more, location convenience might not be an issue anymore.

What you gain most from joining a boot camp is efficiency. The workouts are designed to challenge your muscles (and your mind, at Priorityfitness..).

Routines vary from one to the next, and address every muscle group: your body doesn’t get into habit and no area is favored for another.

A significant reason pro-boot camp is the group dynamic. There is extreme motivation to draw from a community. Your mates can cheer you up and even become your friends. Then again, if you are not a social person, a gym and its machine fit you better…

You also receive more attention from coaches who can adjust the exercises to your capability or physical condition.

Most boot camps provide nutrition coaching  (though typically at an extra cost). But if weight management is an important factor of your desire to workout, a personalized program is certain to ensure better results.


Ultimately, your decision lies in your goals and expectations, your degree of engagement and your budget.

Best of luck deciding, and if you are already in the Priorityfitness family, great news! More amazing transformations to come in 2018 = )

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