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Season Of Gratitude

Season Of Gratitude

Welcome To The Season Of Gratitude

December is a time for celebration and appreciation. While we celebrate the success of another excitement filled Little Ninja Games, we must look back at how far we’ve come.

Priorityfitness is a family based business and our number 1 goal is to make a real impact on our community, we truly believe that your health is your top priority, without it, no amount of wealth or material attainment can be enjoyed.

Having witnessed how the fitness industry evolved over the years, the “normal” gym environment is no longer considered the best way to go.

We understand that people make the gym, not machines, gimmicks,  fancy footwear, sauna, or anything that makes you think that it’s easy to get in shape.

We like people to understand that you don’t need to pay for access to the facility, as it will not last, but find a small community of people that share the same drive and can keep each other going, what’s the point of buying the best hammer in the world if you do not have the skill to use it, that’s where our coaching comes in.

Our coaches genuinely care about our athletes and it shows, our members work hard for the results and it is super contagious, word of mouth is truly the best form of marketing and your happiness is ours.

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement this year, we are not going anywhere and will continue to strive for excellence, not perfection, as there are always room for improvement, thank you our community and beyond, lets reach out to more incredible lives in 2018! Leave everyone better than you found them.

SIgn Up for 2018!

Merry X’Mas Everyone !! We will open through out the holidays so make sure you get your love ones to come in and burn off those extra calories, for more information please email

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