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Ready for Term 2? Little Ninjas let’s go!

Ready for Term 2? Little Ninjas let’s go!


We have covered quite a bit last term. Repeating over the foundations of rolling, strong postures, evasion and grab escapes. Learning strategies to dealing with bullying situations and learning to control and restrain. Escape is one of the paramount aims of our kids training. Distance and Timing training re enforce all their basic skills. Understanding Keeping your balance and staying calm (even when scared). Educating the kids on the nature of the “Sheepdog” and the “Bystander” was important this term.

the challenges of any teacher and helper is always discipline and hence being flexible and fluid (and keeping it fun) is important when dealing with the energy kids bring to the mats. Educating the kids on the history and uniqueness of their martial art is big part of their discipline and their education. This will be big part of the training in the new term.

there will be new technical structures and themes on the horizon as we look to keep things moving forward and interesting (and fun).

a Big thank you to all the helpers and to the parents for their support this term.


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