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Little Ninja Holiday Programme

Little Ninja holiday programme is a comprehensive package designed for kids age 5-11.

We ensure there is a variety of activities to keep kids engaged safely. Throughout this holiday programme we visit various destinations, we have fun activities, and this is a an excellent opportunity for kids to make new friends!

The activities we provide are:

  • Bushwalks
  • Obstacles
  • Courses
  • Ninja games
  • Ball games
  • Beach tours
  • Japanese martial arts training
    and many more!…

The holiday program we offer is the perfect way to allow your children to get out and about during the holidays, our friendly staff are fully trained and can’t wait to take your kids on board.

Why Little Ninja?

  • Off- Site Trips
  • On- Site Activities
  • New, exciting new challenges daily
  • Safety and security is paramount

Want to be a Little Ninja Warrior?!!

Book now and secure a spot for your kids!


Our son loved the Little Ninja Holiday Programme he actually calls it ‘the fun one’. The team are happy and positive at the start of the day and the end of the day! The kids are encouraged to try new activities in a fun environment and all children are welcome. Its not only great for working parents over the holidays but also an amazing fun day for your kids if you need a day to relax…We will back in the next school holidays. – Sarah B


A Day In The Lives Of Little Ninjas


Little Ninja Games
Little Ninja Games
Little Ninja Holiday Programme



Little Ninja Games
Little Ninja Games